Before & after hipi photos

Before & after hipi photos

Want to know what you would look like with and without the hipi? Here we offer up a few outfits, with the hipi and with alternatives of a handbag and other bum bag. You can thus compare like with like, to really see what difference the hipi makes.


As you may see from above, when worn with leggings, the hipi in the middle gives, if not a more slimming, at least a more dressed and covered look, compared to leggings worn with a shoulder bag. Compare that to wearing a regular bum bag on right, as well. Of course, this particular one is very in-your-face, but most of its ilk are somewhat harder to pull off than wearing something like the hipi, as shown in the middle picture.

I will add progressively more before and after photos with different outfits, through the next few weeks. See you!

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