why the hipi

Wondering why to use a hipi rather than a regular handbag, purse, bum bag, money belt or running belt? Let us count the ways…

Lose your phone no more!

Do you keep on losing your phone? Leaving it somewhere and not being able to locate it later? With the hipi (right), your phone will be always with you, never to be lost again.  Have you also got a call in the car, grabbed your phone from your handbag then dropped it from your lap the moment you reached your destination? With the hipi, your phone stays tethered to you even if you’d forgotten that you’d taken it out.

Hands full?

Wanting to go to the restroom or for a bite to eat and not wanting to bring your entire bag with you, just to bring along your phone, money, keys and glasses? You don’t have to walk around with your hands full either (see left). With the hipi (right),  you can have these essentials with you all the time, so you don’t have to worry about carrying them in your hands, and then leaving them on a shelf, table or seat.

Never miss a photo opp!

Your kids or pet just made a too-cute-to-miss pose but your phone  not around to capture it? Aargh! Have your phone always at hand with your hip-held hipi for life’s spontaneous moments.

With it, you can also take notes on a whim and add to the grocery list on your phone while you remember!

Don't lock yourself out!

Took the waste bins out and then realised you were auto-locked out of the house? Have your keys on you all the time with the hipi (right). Your keys are compactly cached away no matter how many times you go in and out of the house. They can be tethered with a retractable reel to the D-ring in your hipi so they are always where you need them to be, all day, everyday. 

You can't snatch this!

In a country where bag snatching happens and afraid yours might be snatched too (see left)? Worry no more as the hipi (right) gives bag thieves no handle to hang on to as they whiz by on a motorbike. 

No cracked screen!

Accidentally sat on your phone and cracked your screen because you kept it in your jeans pocket (example on left)? Now you can keep your phone in front and looking as new (see right) within your hipi!

Keeping your phone away from sight also secures it from pickpockets when you are travelling. 

It's the sleek fanny pack!

Fear the ridicule of a fanny pack or bum bag, even a designer one? Then get the sleek and discreet hipi (right). You don’t have to battle the bulge, as happens with most bum bags or fanny packs (example on left). It blends in and matches with most of your outfits while having all the benefits of the fanny pack. It also wraps around your entire hips, so the bag doesn’t look like it’s plastered on your front, like other belt bags.

no more bag juggling

Grappling with two or even more bags throughout your day (see left)? Do you find you are putting your essentials into a smaller handbag, while still carrying a larger office bag, shopping tote or carryall for kids’ things? Unless you are a VIP with attendant security, you need your hands free to at least open doors! With The hipi (right), you can keep things simple and do that for yourself.

Valuables in the cart

Worried to leave your valuables unattended in the shopping cart (left) every time you need to run after the kids or just pop into the next supermarket aisle to get something? The hipi (right) makes sure you always have your money with you, even if you need to leave your larger bag on the shopping cart or on the baby buggy.

no money belt fumbles!

Ever tried to reach for your money and you had to fumble about under your clothes for the zip to open your money belt (example on left) to get your money, worrying to expose your belly while you’re at it? Worry no more as your money, not to mention your phone, is safe and accessible with the hipi (right).

Look Ma, no hands

The hipi makes sure you don’t have to dig within your basket or backpack when you get a call, much less hold your phone with your teeth!

Not men's outdoors or sports!

hipi inhabits that space between obtrusive women’s fashion belt bags and men’s sports or travel packs. If you want something that doesn’t scream of the rugged outdoors, the 80s or the rustic Wild West, and without too many garish colours, patterns or logos, hipi is for you. Rather than stick out like a sore thumb, which many belt bags do, its intentionally minimalist black facade blends in with most modern casual outfits, and is designed by and for today’s classic and practical woman.