Why the hipi?

Do you constantly misplace your phone, or want a hands-free, modest and discreet way of always having your essentials at hand? Have you found yourself without your keys or phone at an awkward moment? Are you concerned that your bag, phone and cards may be vulnerable to be stolen or damaged? Find out how the hipi can help you.



The hipi is made of a stretch synthetic fabric as well as a bamboo-silver radiation barrier. More details here. 



Exact unstretched dimensions of the hipi for the S and M sizes, zipped onto the hip or zipped onto the waist.

Distinct pockets, tethers and zips

The hipi offers four separate compartments to place your essentials, two of which have built-in D-rings to tether onto, one which features an invisible zipper and one which is buttoned. 


Since the phone will be by your side constantly, you probably want to know if it will cause any effects on your body. Here you can find out more about the microwaves emitted from your phone and how the hipi features a silver barrier which shields your body from them. Also, watch the video of readings captured from a microwave meter, outside of and within a hipi.

how to wear

The hipi has two zipped settings, so that it may be worn either on your hips or on your waist. Check out our size guide and photo galleries for each setting. Also, watch our videos on how to wear, either on the hips or on the waist!

Reviews, influencers & user photos

Check out what our users say about the hipi. 


Will the hipi make me look fat? What climates does it work in? Answers to all your questions here.