hipi appeals to women who boldly invest in ground-breaking and yet comprehensively developed products, who are practical and yet appreciate a classic aesthetic. Its design is informed by the idea that the modern woman is active; she does and goes wherever she wants comfortably and practically.

She is not held hostage to any expectations of looking or behaving like a princess. In the pursuit of a fulfilment, life may not be so fun slinging a bag about or tottering about on high heels. 

She dances to the music and rhythm of community and life, and is conscious of impacting as little upon the environment as possible.

We here at hipi are not into trends or fashion as conspicuous consumption or as being part of the “in” crowd. Instead, we support a diverse worldview where everyone has her place, and we produce the hipi to stay with you through many seasons.

Indeed, the hipi is designed by women, for women, and reflects what our real lives and needs are, making it what we like to think of as the essential bag for feminists.

Therefore, our look is classic and clean, so it is beyond trends, while still comfortable and cute!

Our regard for the environment is why hipi utilises a minimal sleeve and recycled newspaper for packaging. We also love how the paper continues telling stories as well as informs the buyer somewhat about where the hipi came from.


hipi is produced by Vectordesigns UG (Unternehmensgesellschaft), a company based in Munich, Germany. It is registered in Amstgericht München with the Handelsregister number HRB 245700.

Helmed by owner Chee Su-Lin, the owner and company takes joy in producing ideas for urban mobility. First founded as a company in Malaysia, it produced integrated public transport maps and guides, as well as provided contract design and publishing services.

Having now relocated to Munich, Germany, Vectordesigns has turned its creative desires to producing the hipi protective phone belt.