the subtle, sleek fanny pack


You want to go hands-free but are shy of putting on a typical fanny pack or bum bag? 

Because of its flat design and clean aesthetic, the hipi can be worn with most casual or work outfits while allowing you the convenience of having your essentials at hand.



Hands full?

Everyday work warriors within the range of the office would benefit from always having their phones and other valuables at hand — whether they are chatting at a colleague’s desk, popping to the restroom or grabbing a quick lunch at the cafeteria. 

Even those heading out to a nearby restaurant may fancy traveling light, rather than bringing along the entire handbag or laptop bag. 




No more bag-juggling!

Grappling with two or even more bags throughout your day? Do you find you are putting your essentials into a smaller handbag, while still carrying a larger office or laptop bag, as well as sometimes a shopping tote or carryall for extras? Unless you are a VIP with attendant security, you need your hands free to at least open doors! 

With the hipi, you can keep things simple and do that for yourself.  The hipi is designed to carry your essentials, while bulkier and less essential items, such as cosmetics and water bottle, stay in a backpack to keep your hands free. 


It's the sleek fanny pack!

Fear the ridicule of a fanny pack or bum bag, even a designer one? Then get the sleek and discreet hipi. You don’t have to battle the bulge, as happens with most bum bags or fanny packs (right). It blends in and matches with most of your outfits while having all the benefits of the fanny pack. It also wraps around your entire hips, so the bag doesn’t look like it’s plastered on your front, like other belt bags.

hipi inhabits that space between obtrusive women’s fashion belt bags and men’s sports or travel packs. If you want something that doesn’t scream of the rugged outdoors, the 80s or the rustic Wild West, and without too many garish colours, patterns or logos, hipi is for you. Rather than stick out like a sore thumb, which many belt bags do, its intentionally minimalist black facade blends in with most modern casual outfits, and is designed by and for today’s classic and practical woman. 


No more camel toe!

Modest ladies may also appreciate how it may hide any potential camel toes and other parts of your nether-regions. Because of its flat and subtle design, the hipi resembles a layer of your outfit, such as the bottom of a tank top, rather than anything obtrusive. 


The hipi was first created after its designer Chee Su-Lin wanted to keep her hands free after becoming a mother. 

Here are all the reasons mothers will appreciate it.


The hipi helps those who are concerned about losing their phone and valuables, which can easily happen because more and more of us are bringing our phone everywhere with us. Not only do we get calls, we use it to read the news on the bog, google search anything that takes our fancy, keep our grocery shopping list, sign into online banking, and yes, the occasional selfie. The problem is that when we bring our phone everywhere, we also end up leaving it everywhere.  

Not only does the hipi protect you from losing your phone, it also protects your phone from being dropped when you leave it on your lap, cracked when you place it in your back pocket, or from being snatched or pickpocketed when you are travelling.



Being hands-free is always a good idea, but it is absolutely genius if you want to move about, be it going for a walk while sill staying connected, bicycling without having to dig through your basket or bag to get a phone call, and getting your boogie on at a club, rave or festival.

In fact, if you like dancing, you might already be a hip or waist pack convert. After all, there’s nothing like a shoulder bag or wristlet to damp your rhythm! 


The hipi is also great for those who are already fanny pack/bum bag converts but who are concerned about the microwaves emitting from their phone next to their body all the time. The hipi protects your body from these waves with its special silver-bamboo radiation shield. Read more about it here.