If you are looking for a flat hip bag with radiation protection, the hipi is for you! Welcome to our sleek, minimalist phone band or waist bag, made of quality durable stretch fabric, and with distinct pockets which secure your phone wallet, keys and the other things you need through the day. Its embedded radiation barrier protects your body from your phone’s microwave emissions. 

hipi may be zipped up to be worn on your hips or waistIt is the only bum bag, fanny pack or hip/waist bag on the market with a radiation barrier and adjustable widths, and which provides both performance and understated modesty.

radio wave protection

Phone radiation shield

tethered pockets

distinct pockets, D-rings, optional retractable reels

dual widths

2 zippable widths for hips or waist

Unlike other hip packs or waist packs, the hipi does not protrude out from your body with just one main compartment. Instead, it spreads its compartments flat against your body. Unlike other bum bags or fanny packs too, it is not made of stiff, bulky fabric. It is also not like most belt bags which feature what amounts to a leather box attached to the front of your body. Instead, the hipi hip or waist bag is drawn close to your body by quality stretch fabric. 

In that sense, the hipi is comparable to a running belt. However it is taller than other running belts on the market, which provides a more flattering and slim look. Another key difference is that it has zips, which make it easier to wear, rather than you having to step into it. It is also designed to be worn not just while doing sport, but also as a part of any casual outfit, and has two zip settings which allow you to wear it on your hips or on your waist.

The hipi is also comparable to a money belt or hip pouch. However, unlike money belts and other waist pouches, it is designed to be elegantly worn over your bottom, rather than hidden within the waistband. Also, it is designed with several vertical pockets to hold your phone, passport etc, rather than having just layers of horizontal pockets.


be free, hands-free

Look Ma, no hands!

Who needs to carry a bag when a little one must be embraced? Indeed, fishing within your handbag for car or home keys, while attempting to carry a baby or toddler is bit of a mean feat. With the hipi however, your keys are exactly where they always are and are easily reached with just the fingers of one hand.

You make me feel like dancing

Dancing around your handbag? Your phone filched as it lies among your drinks? Worry no more. hipi is great to go dancing with in clubs and at festivals.

Worry-free travelling

It might be perfectly safe to have your mobile phone sticking out your back pocket where you are. But the global adventurer could do with a hipi to keep any pickpocketing or bag snatching at bay. hipi makes sure your esesentials are safe with you at all time and fits your passport too.

Layered modesty

Wearing leggings and don’t fancy showing off your tush or any parts of your netherregions really? The hipi resembles a mini-skirt which covers up bits you’d rather stay under wraps.

Also, the hipi covers up your tummy and upper hips when your top is just a bit shorter than you’d like it.



Love, love, love the hipi. When I deliver product, it is the perfect accessory.  I am in and out of my car all day and the hipi keeps my phone and keys safe and convenient while keeping my hands free. Plus it is very stylish and extremely comfortable. I highly recommend it! You will wonder how you have lived without it.

Lynne Richardson

creative business owner, San Jose, CA USA

Die Bauchtasche ist eine sehr gute Investition. Ich möchte sie nicht mehr missen. Sie ist schön flach und trotzdem passt viel hinein. Zudem trägt sie sich sehr bequem.

Ich nehme sie vor allem zum Einkaufen und auch unterwegs mit dem Fahrrad ist sie sehr geschickt. Die Schultern und Hände sind frei. Die Halterung mit Zugseil für den Schlüssel ist klasse. Ich kann mein Fahrrad abschließen ohne den Schlüssel von der Halterung nehmen zu müssen. Er kann also nicht verlorengehen.

Auch einen Einkaufschip, der am Schlüssel hängt habe ich dadurch immer griffbereit. Wenn ich viel Geld dabei habe fühle ich mich mit der Bauchtasche sehr
sicher, da sie nicht oder nur kaum zu sehen ist und es nahezu unmöglich ist daraus etwas zu klauen.

Ein großer Unterschied zu herkömmlichen Bauchtaschen. Ein großes Lob für so eine gute Idee. Ich würde sie jederzeit wieder kaufen.

Annette Günther

mother, Munich, Germany