Hands-free bags still “on trend” for Fall/ Winter 2020-2021

Hands-free bags still “on trend” for Fall/ Winter 2020-2021

Hip bags or belt bags are still being served up by the fashion gods.

Just read an article in fashion and beauty site Glowsly about 2020/21 Fall/Winter bag trends. So, what will be served up as fashion over the next few months, when it comes to bags, will still be mostly handbags, featuring among others, big chains and fringe. What was of particular interest to me was that hip bags or belt bags are definitely still around, constituting at least one among the 24 trends to be noted.

So here goes the relevant extract from the article:

“There are situations when you want your bag well secured to your body, so even a crossbody strap won’t do since, while it will allow your hands to remain free, it won’t necessarily keep the bag from jumping all over the place. Designers experimented with different ways of getting the fall 2020 bags to stay tight and secure against the body.”

Marine Serre really experimented with the different hands-free ways in which a bag could be carried, including crafting multi-compartment micro bags that could be strapped around the leg or arm, as well as a few belt bag options.”

“A holster-like design at Michael Kors attached a miniature saddle bag to the body quite closely, and when worn under a jacket, it felt like a great anti-pickpocket money bag option.”

Nice to think that the writer considered practicalities like being hands-free, not having a bag “jump all over the place” and keeping your things secure from being pickpocketed.

Similarly, the hipi sleek protective hip bag hugs your hips snugly to keep your hands-free. It would also be worn under a jacket or top to keep your phone, cards and other essentials subtly hidden away, while accessible.


It is available for 29€ from the hipi online shop.

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