Kate Spade weighs in on hands-free ease

Kate Spade weighs in on hands-free ease

So, correct me if I am wrong, but more and more of us are needing just to carry around our phones and a few cards these days. Or that is what I couldn’t help but take from a recent email ad from Kate Spade. 


It was advertising its belt bags which hold your phone and “most important cards” for “hands-free ease”. Of course, I couldn’t agree more with a bijoux hands-free to carry these around, which is why I created the hipi

I did try these little phone bags before, but besides the fact that one of them got snatched from me on the street before, I do find that I tend to just take them off the moment I get home or that I want to get comfortable. 

Of course, to each her own… I just like the idea that we are slowly moving towards two levels of bags for our things:

1. Our phones and essentials that we need most of the time with us, and…

2. A larger bag which may be expandable to carry things like kids’ items, or laptop or shopping. 

I often see, when I am on the train, women struggling with two bags. One feminine “regular” handbag or purse, where they put their phone, wallet and keys, and one they put their work things, which often tend to be these rather un-pretty laptop backpacks, that come free with the laptops. 

Here’s an article that calls it double-bagging, hoot! 


What I am hoping to achieve is the first level of essentials being in the hipi, so you won’t need to have those two bags slung around your shoulders or arms, which always seems rather awkward to me. 

The woman on the left looks like she’s pretty happy to carry two bags, but when I’ve done it before, I have felt more like Ashley Olsen on the right there! 

For a second larger bag, I am working on a bag that can function as a tote as well as a backpack, and which can be expandable to take shopping too. Will post more about that soon!