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BAAAL Art und Popup Weeks
wann: Fr. Juli 15, 16:00-20:00 Uhr & Sa. Juli 16, 11:00-18:00
wo: Macherei, Ecke Berg-am-Laim-/Weihenstephaner Strase

hipi is thrilled to be one of the local labels and artists participating in the BAAL Art und Pop Up Weeks in Berg Am Laim. Running through most of 2022 July, the temporary market and exhibition celebrates the opening of the anticipated Macherei development on Munich’s arterial road leading east, not far from Ostbahnhof. 

Having touted itself as a “place for makers”, I have been excited to see if it might promise a hotbed of creativity. Or at least invest some glam into this part of the city, located not far from Prinzregentenplatz and the Isar river, but suffering as an uncomely route bordered with low-cost housing and gritty shops. 

Finally unveiled some weeks back, the baby born out of the demolition of a pharmaceutical factory is not quite a shining steel and glass number, but a muted discombobulated collection of brick buildings. No galleries, workshops or cool cafes here, nor any hint of a mixed development, aside from a new Aldi, a Gold’s Gym and a restaurant I have yet to place.

What we have rather is offices. And I must say, the tenants’ directory next to the lift featuring several tax advisors and business consultancies didn’t make for much exciting reading. 

This new development may not offer the more palatable flavour of gentrification but any collision of corporate yuppies and multicultural migrants must turn up interesting things. In the meantime, this month’s popup shops bring a lifestyle element to this stretch of Berg Am Laim Strasse. Facilitated by the Shquared platform, this initiative places startups into urban retail spaces which suffer from shopping having moved into malls and Amazon. Not only does it give emerging companies a toehold into a bricks-and-mortar presence, it could inject life and the good stuff of community living onto our streets again. 

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