Before & after the hipi: winter dress

Before & after the hipi: winter dress

Time for another “before & after” pic! Our former neighbours were so kind to invite us for a fondue lunch, kind of a socially limited (maximum two households) between-Christmas-and-New Year gathering.

I usually dust off the dresses only when I go for social gatherings or perhaps on weekends, even if small, as I usually live in leggings and sometimes jeans for most of the week.

This one here is a long-sleeve Cos knit dress that I remember I got at a Selfridges sale some years back. It’s always tricky figuring out how to wear the hipi on top of a dress, as often I just want a flowy outer layer to hide the bumps. It’s also usually got to be on waist mode (zipped tighter and higher) and sometimes I don’t like calling attention to my waist. But I reckon it looks better with the hipi than without.

Here’s proof, with the centre photo being with the hipi. The left pic shows the dress without the hipi and using a shoulder bag, the right one is with a loud bum bag.


Tell me what you think!