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blank was Vectordesigns’ website/blog which featured news and user-centric content for KL public transport users.

It brought together the latest updates on train and bus routes and was maintained between 2006 and 2012 on a Joomla platform.

Some of the content within is archived below as well as on the train and bus pages.

KL public transport


2007 Dec: More than 4 million passengers per week use public transport in Kuala Lumpur & the Klang Valley (source: RapidKL). These include tourists, employees, shoppers, commuters, civil servants, students, housewives, pensioners and more! These buses and trains are operated by more than 20 operators, including RapidKL, KTM Komuter, Monorail, ERL, Metrobus, SJ Bus, Transnasional, minibuses and more.

Among the train (or urban rail) lines, the LRT, KTM Komuter and KLIA Transit & Ekspres connect greater Kuala Lumpur (KL) with KL city centre. The Monorail runs within the city centre only. All lines meet at interchange stations.

The buses are operated by large government-appointed company RapidKL (also runs LRTs) & smaller private companies. Like the trains, most buses connect greater KL with KL city centre. These are RapidKL’s Utama buses (route numbers prefixed by “U”) & most other buses run by companies like Metrobus and SJ Bus. Nearly all converge at a few points in the city centre.

Buses circulating within KL city centre are RapidKL Bandar buses (prefixed by “B”). They run between city hubs located at the edge of the city centre. At these hubs, you can transfer to other buses such as RapidKL Utama buses.

Buses which take you directly (with minimal stops) from KL to satellite cities like Klang and Kajang are RapidKL Ekspres buses (prefixed by “E”) and buses run by other companies like Sri Indah and Cityliner.

Buses that circulate around suburbs are RapidKL Tempatan buses (prefixed by “T”) and minibuses. They meet up with RapidKL Utama and other buses at hubs located at suburban centres.


2012 Feb: bus from PJ to Old Klang Rd

2012 Feb: buses to USJ 11 from KL

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2011 Aug: Bus from Subang Perdana to Summit

2011 Jul: Bus from Asia Jaya to Jalan Tandang

2011 Apr: bus from Alam Megah to U5 Shah Alam

2011 Apr: bus from Klang to Tmn Sg Rasau

2011 Apr: Bus from Meru to Kapar

2011 Apr: Buses at Desa Petaling

2011 Feb: Taman Sentosa Bus 401, Sri Sentosa 400

2011 Feb: New MRT Feeder Bus Routes

2010 Dec: Bus Stop Viewability

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2009 Aug: Cityliner 401

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2007 Apr: Rapid KL bus network revamp 2006

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2006 Dec: SKS Transnasional’s Dedicated Seremban – Putrajaya Bus Service

2006 Nov: This is not a bus stop

2006 Sep:​ Bus Stop Design

2006 Sep:​ Triton #309 (KL Sentral – Mont Kiara / Pusat Bandar Damansara)

2006 Sep:​ Plan Bus Routes through Town Centre

2006 Aug: Dude, Where’s My Penang Bus Revamp?

2006 Aug: KL bus system for Penang​

General public transport questions

2012 May: public transport Sg Buloh: enquiry e-mail via

Q:  Hi, I would like to know if there’s any public transport within Sungai Buloh area? Thanks.

A: There are many Selangor buses running within Sungai Buloh, eg Selangor buses 141 (KL-Kuala Selangor), 146 (KL-Kuang), 146A (KL-Kubu Gajah), 146B (KL-Sri Kundang) and 147 (KL-Batang Berjuntai) and 158B (KL-Bkt rahman Putra). There’s also the KTM Komuter train station at Sg Buloh.

2011 Sep: Asiajaya to Curve: enquiry e-mail via

QUESTION: Hi , may I know the way from asiajaya to the curve ? Thanks a lot .

ANSWER: Take RapidKL bus U88 from the bus stop outside of Asia Jaya which goes all the way to Kota Damansara via Persiaran Surian outside The Curve.

2011 May: Bkt Bintang to PJ & Kota Damansara: enquiry e-mail via

QUESTION: Myself on a bussiness trip to malaysia for first time.
I wonder, if I can get to know the public transportation & all possible routes/connections. So that I can go around places easily for bussiness as well exploration.
I am staying near JW Marriot,Bukit Bintang and need to visit my clients in petlaing jaya, kota domasansora etc..
I don’t know where to seek for this information. It will really helpful to get transport information. I appreciate your service and thank you for your kindness.

ANSWER: From Bukit Bintang, take the Bukit Bintang monorail to KL Sentral.
From there cross the road to get into the KL Sentral LRT station (when you go down the escalators at the end of the line, there will be security guards who can point it out to you. Most people will be walking in this direction).
This crossing is rather long and hot unfortunately. They are in the midst of constructing a proper connection. You can possibly take a taxi from here.

If not, from here, take the Kelana Jaya line LRT to get to Petaling Jaya.
If you want to get to Kota Damansara, from the Kelana Jaya station (at the end of the line), take RapidKL Bus U89 which plies throughout Kota Damansara.
Alternatively, you can take a taxi from here too.

2011 May: Puchong to Kota Damansara: 

This is an enquiry e-mail via from Jakhon
I searched from the internet but without results, please help me to know about this:

How can I get to SEGi University College (in Kota Damansara from Puchong Tesco) via public trunsport, not via taxi ? Thank you for your help in advance!

A: I suggest taking RapidKL bus U43 from IOI Puchong to 1 Utama.

At this end terminal, take RapidKL Bus U89 to Persiaran Surian, Kota Damansara. It will pass SEGi College near the schools.

2011 May: Public transport from Alam Megah to Bkt Rahman Putra: 

I live Shah Alam, Alam Megah to want to go to Bkt Rahman Putra, Sg buluh. What are best alternative public transport? how to go there and what are the fare?

A:  Unfortunately you have to go quite indirectly to the city centre to come out west again. Take RapidKL’s bus U65 towards KL to Sri Setia train station. Cross the Federal Highway with the pedestrian bridge. Take the KTM Komuter towards KL. Change at KL Sentral/Kuala Lumpur/Bank Negara/Putra station onto the line towards Tanjung Malim and get off at Sungai Buloh station. The fare for the train is RM3.20 one way for an adult. At Sungai Buloh station, take Selangor Bus 158B to Bukit Rahman Putra.

2007 Dec: Why public transport?

  1. Fuel price increased and increasing
  2. Government putting money into public transport, eg RapidKL, to improve services
  3. Ever increasing population and thus decreasing space and safety on the roads in Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley
  4. No need to look for parking!
  5. Get yourself moving!
  6. No need to maintain your car and spend a huge chunk of your income on car maintenance.

2011 Jan: RapidPenang


RapidPenang does indeed look like a success. There were many people waiting at the terminal at Komtar as well as at the bus stops. These looked like a good mix of locals as well, unlike in Kuala Lumpur where most of bus riders are foreign workers, with a spattering of local executives and students.

Also the staff at the terminal were helpful and alert and people didn’t seem to have to wait excruciatingly long for a bus to arrive.

Another thing we in the Klang Valley could learn from a RapidPenang bus: photo identification of your bus driver to avoid loutish bullying behaviour.


2006 Sep: World Car Free Day — 22 Sept 2006

This coming Friday, 22 September 2006, is World Car Free Day!

Co-incidentally enough, this Friday also features RapidKL’s launch of Area 5 and 6 (Puchong, Petaling Jaya, Damansara and the rest of West Klang Valley) at Sunway Pyramid.

To celebrate, the administrators of are buying whoever who would join us for lunch at Sunway Pyramid on Friday, where you can get the latest brochures and lowdown on RapidKL’s latest revamped routes. We are of course also making sure to leave our cars at home and take public transport this week! 🙂

Those interested in a car-free lunch, please email or call 03.2262.6363.

To find out more about World Car Free Day and other related events throughout the world, check out

2006 Sep: Roads are only for Cars

Last night after failing to get a bus into Sri Hartamas in time, I decided to throw the towel in for the night with public transport 🙁 and take a taxi back to my home in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, or at least to the Sprint Highway from which I may then take RapidKL bus #21C.  

After all, there is not a single bus route which plies the length of the Sprint Highway from Sri Hartamas to its base at KLGCC (KL Golf and Country Club), even though several hundreds of cars pass that way every hour.  

(Note: there is Triton #309 which plies through half of it between the National Science Centre and Sri Hartamas, but that service ends at 19:00. Way past 19:00 and up to 23:00 however, there’s still loads of traffic on that road, showing there are a lot of people who want to travel in those directions!). 

Since it was heavy traffic I made sure to get on the inside path of the pavement within the railings separating the side of the road from the road itself. Little did I know that once I got in there was no way out!  

After turning the corner on this pavement the railing (which came up above the waist) ran along for a long way before it was replaced by highway railguards. Of course the pavement had also ended to be replaced by uneven grass (squishy when it’s rained), while the way was often obstructed by tree cuttings.  

I was hemmed in like this, between cars whizzing past and a path which is impossible to walk on for the entire length of this 4 km highway! I was trapped and it reminded me of a similar situation I’d come across when I was walking along the LDP (Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong).  

Even if I’d wanted to take a taxi, there was no way along this entire 4km length where there was a layby or break in the railing where I could flag one down, even though there was a pedestrian bridge at one point, houses on the side, as well as several buildings such as the National Science Centre and Securities Commission and the equestrian and Selangor clubs along the way. Much less public transport or bicycles! 

Along the way as well, there was no pavement, and very little lighting along most of this road.  


Is it because building pavements and bus/ taxi stops would cost more or just because no one thought about them??​